ToasterCon 2020 – Razer Con 2020 Highlights

Razer Con 2020 was absolutely amazing & what a time it was for the razer toaster community. For those that aren’t aware, the razer toaster society are those passionate about bringing to life the toaster made by Razer. Over the course of 15+ hours, we flooded the gates of twitch chat & had a blast with other members of the razer community.

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So without much further ado, let’s that was chroma and it would okay, I’m going a little bit uh. Of course, I’m seeing many demands in chat for the legendary razer toaster, the everyone the razer toaster is a is something that people will always be asking for.

I think without a doubt who am I to say no to the razer community, build it change it perfected it. Let’s pull down the chatbox, I’d like to see what people are guessing over here um and that’s where some of my excitement is. You want to have a setup that you feel is badass and sweet and it feels great looks great, see they’re coming through any guesses.

What we’re going to be launching today because I’m going to jump straight into the first product, It’s all about preference, It’s all about style! It’s not going away! It is only going to grow. It’s going to grow at an amazing rate, but essentially I can see all of that, and this is a mixed reality set. So I want to be able to take this through to the next level, so they really wanted to get their hands on it.

I can’t wait for it to get released. I can see toaster icons going nuts. Let’s hide that once I see the toaster icons, I’m hiding the chat panel. Okay, toaster toast comes on what build it change it perfectly. How does that kind of sync up with the toaster guys quick, I like to see what you guys think and It’s cool to see how a full-fledged product. All of, this can be integrated into the razer, synapse ecosystem is a wonderful idea that is: sick, okay, let’s hide the chat, I just want! To make. Sure that you truly understand how beautiful a sneaky snake is so perfect.

How do we make everything integrated and work together, um, and that’s where some of my excitement is like? What’s the next new tool that one of these companies is going to come up with right? What’s the next one razer’s going to come up with what are we going to talk about next year at RazerCon.

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