Toaster Tuesday – French Toast In a Toaster

I tried making french toast in a toaster for a second time because the first one did not work out so well. Watch to see if it worked this time.

All right guys we’re! Finally, back after like six weeks of not being back, we got a new toaster thanks, cousin shreya, hopefully doesn’t break as quick and okay. I’ve been thinking we made a lot of cool stuff in the toaster, and now we almost made everything perfectly except for one thing: that’s french toast you might. You might remember that it’s kind of sad anyway. Now we are as a strand reopening come back to this. We’re going to perfect everything, that’s that’s what we’re setting out to do so today, oops already broken okay, never mind!

In our Thomas theory, we’re gonna we’re gonna make french toast and it’s gonna work, so y’all remember well now this is going on YouTube! Cool story, better quality, apparently anyway we got our Bowl. You all watched me make this last time we just dumped part milk in here, oops crack an egg and oops okay. Get rid of that! Then get some sugar. You throw some sugar in there to do. Some more okay, then we might need some cinnamon. We got cinnamon over it, guys, okay, throw some cinnamon in there, don’t mean to dump the whole thing in there.

Well we’re out of cinnamon. Okay, we got enough cinnamon, all right. Okay, we’re gonna beat this up, but it failed last time, so I was thinking. How am I gonna make it work this time and I thought real hard gave it a lot of thought and finally, this is next figure it out. So what I have here shoot: okay, we’re good what happier it’s two pieces of bread, they’re frozen. Okay, guys this is gonna work. Now we are, you find a fork.

Well sounds gonna work, we’re gonna on the frozen bread and our batter like so drain off too much extra crap. You know we gotta, get it in there, don’t let it get too soggy okay secret to success right. There might look up to because my why not we got two slots and up there you might as well be use both slots anyway, we got doing gooey, stick them in there plug it in keep the side of the way crank this sucker all the way up To five slam, it down hope that it cooks and hope that does get soggy this time.

Let’s go alright guys, so the pop to your roots. For the first time, I’m gonna grab the place and they’re kind of stuck, so I’m gonna gotten unplugged for safety. Of course, we’re gonna get this bread out of here. If I can uh-oh, that’s not good, there’s a wee bit soggy! Okay! Now I have to think I got an idea: that’s the plan fingers up we’re here on a take. This coaster get a spatula or flip flopper thingamajig, just this thingy and we’re gonna take our toast or french toast slide it back in here side way.

Oh, oh, oh son, put that over sideways. If I can get it in here for the most part, Shh, okay, little modification, there get the second one in here man already, okay, very, I think so it still kind of fell down. Like last time. I kind of fell down whoa, oh, that was hot okay, we’re gonna plug it back in push these in here. Oh okay, we’re gonna cook. So it’s on side now and hopefully hopefully it doesn’t get all smushy and brush together.

Well, I’m gonna make this work because I’m bound and determined we’re gonna spend the next four years until we get this to work. So it’s cookin and we’re just gonna let that cook anyway, I’m gonna fill you up to speed so, like I said earlier, this is going on YouTube now, because I used to do this on snapchat and the video quality is crap and it’s like 10. Second, videos which really blows, and so I’m throwing on YouTube, but anyone that’s new that doesn’t have me on snapchat cuz. You might be one of the select few and don’t let me catch you up to speed.

This is my cooking apron. I wear it every time to everyone. This is my new cooking hat, excellent yo-yo anyway, um something’s burning, oh well anyway, so YouTube. I’ve cooked lots of things in here before I’ve cooked hamburgers steaks, pork chops, potatoes whole like meals, together, french toast beforehand. Just so you know it didn’t work the first time, so it’s really good smoking. That’s um! Okay, yeah! That’s just a quick rundown! Oh it’s kind of burnt, okay, we’re gonna pop it quick! Ah, okay!

Oh no, that one’s really stuck open plug it! Oh, that one’s full, this one, almost frying myself there, okay, okay, okay, come on come on! Okay, oh well, guys! Oh! This has been very disappointing. Um we’re gonna cut to a commercial me right back. Alright, so it’s a little suspicious here but, like I always do, I always try it no matter what last time he was really bad and I tried it, but we got a little bit of carries maple syrup premium straight from the Kannada left, so yep yep, on % pure maple syrup we’re just gonna drizzle a little that on there you know, I actually have to say some of this. Isn’t too bad.

Okay, this piece is actually really good. This Pete got a little crusty crunchy here like it’s burnt, but then over here. It’s like soggy, so that’s a little suspicious, but get that other way. Oops! I’M not try! Okay, first piece: this is like the best looking piece right here good, but needs more cinnamon. Now we’re gonna go over here to a soggy stuff. It’s pretty pretty gooey. Here, oh yeah, it’s like good and gooey. Hopefully you can see that okay suspiciously doesn’t taste bad. It’s actually wait a minute! I’M here I just discovered something guys soggy french toast.

It’s like warm and gooey. It’s like delicious anyway. Back to this, hey try that now, though, we don’t try that we might just make that every time in the spirit of me being a good chef, come on Carrie, hmm little more see up here. Okay, we’re gonna try this burnt piece, not something I recommend and don’t eat the burnt piece. It’s something my grandma would eat gross anyway, so uh huh, okay, yeah! Only if you guys know my grandma will understand anyway. Let me think we are gonna get this to work, so you might see one day, that’s working perfectly.

They didn’t work perfect. It worked well say that it worked mostly, but one day we’re gonna get it perfect. Oh I’m sorry there was no commercial break. So yeah, hopefully I caught YouTube up to speed. You know I’ve been doing these videos on snapchat for a while. So you know, hopefully it’s all good. Thank you have a good night and we gonna feed this to the doll all right. So we down here feed the dog. It’s not asking huh sit! You don’t love this stuff! Okay, he’s gonna love this stuff. I know he go anyway. Hey camera back up here anyway, I just gotta, say grandma.

I don’t know how sheets that burn stuff, but she somehow she not somehow she makes the best cookies chocolate chip cookies in the world. That’s a fact: if you go like a State Fair, you like sweet, Martha’s, cookies and there’s oh grandma’s, cookies, whoop way better anyway. So best grandma don’t even try to compete because she’s the best grandma like right next to my other grandma they’re, both great grandmas better than all of us, combined so yeah anyway she’ll, it’s a grandma hi grandma and later my dudes.

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