Toast Plushies Are Back

Toast Plushies are back and better then ever!


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I really wanted toast for Christmas, and I’ve already asked like five million times and you didn’t bring it all the other times and I know the gaming beaver. He lies sometimes when those things happen, but I wanted the toast plushie and I wanted another one to sell on ebay. Can I please have it what’s this? I haven’t seen this before, clever, toast is nice.

Oh, I got those yes huh. Introducing the new toast plushie, you guys requested it, we ran out of it. The first time is back made from super soft material. You can’t stop yourself from whacking. It was you having standing issues with your old toast plushie. I know I got out of here. Old toast makes way for the new standing toast only joking, we love our toast, put them on the sofa or even on the Christmas tree, the sober again, a tiny dog back to the Christmas tree, part of anywhere it’s completely up to you were you having trouble getting the toast off of toast!

Well, we heard your feedback introducing velcro toast. Now, with the toast removed, you can enter a new mode, regular, toast and just watch his wiggly arms fly. Look at him. Go it’s so entertaining. Don’t forget to look for the official gaming beaver logo. It’s zero! Two, this time. Thank you guys again for the continued support. I know you guys wait a long time for this and it’s finally here I made a couple of alterations that caused the delay in these toast plushies, but I’m glad I did the final result looks so much better and we don’t do this too often.

So if we’re gonna make a plushie we’re gonna make it right, you can also grab these exclusive toast pins while you’re at it. I haven’t put any footage in because I actually don’t have them with me, but they exist so anyway, guys head to the website link in the description below to pick up your toast plushie and until next time I’ll see you later.

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