The Razer Toaster

Peak of gaming performance


This wasn’t ironic where are the real gamer squad at I’m in my feels

People say a dog is man’s best friend, but I humbly have to disagree and say: gaming is truly man’s best friend when, when your mother passed away, who was there for you, your dog or gaming? Your dog is throwing up on the couch. Gaming was always there for you.

Those TF skins still never go away, except, if you give it to me, but you’re, not a true gamer, a true gamer until you buy at least one racer product. These could be really bad headphones. The keyboard stuff mouse pads or the mouse itself or the microphone no it man, it doesn’t even have to be made by Razer. As long as you get that Razer sticker and slap it somewhere. You, my friend, have leveled up, see people that don’t know gaming will get it. They might be saying to yourself you’re forgetting about coarse, hair and MSI, and all these other gaming companies.

Why just raise Razer, we’ll get the ladies to flip. Their skirt up MSI makes the go bye-bye. It’s that simple resource, a company known for the best gaming equipment on the market, but razors the most well known by people who know nothing about gaming in the slay they’re, always working on vegan, big, big things. The beauty – and this is that it was an April Fool’s joke, but because It’s the Internet, everyone took it seriously and they actually made it a real thing buying. This will lead to either one of two things.

One, your friends will think you’re really quirky, random, and funny. I mean, let’s be honest, a razer coaster, that’s wacky, bro, or buying this. Your friends will come over and automatically assume that, yes, you are the biggest sub in the world. You take daddy’s dick really hard, but at least people wanted this. You know all the useless gaming devices there are. They will mention walking outside or going to a train station with this you’ll get robbed. I’D. Kick your ass!

It’s smashed for this because I’m the best of Mack mate in the world, but but but but actually, though, I kind of do the cool thing about the Nintendo switches. There’s a touchpad, so you don’t really need this, but some devices just end up on the Hall of Fame like the power glove, and then you got goddamnit what the, but is this just gaming?

Is it just a joke? At this point I mean I feel like everybody says gamers now, where are the real gamers? I ball alone, yep, It’s sort of Presley. I hide behind my computer screen because of my book gamer. that’s all I do with my time, and I ignore my emotions. You know. Okay, I’ve got to take a stand. What do I do when depressed animals? Well, I do have a dog Rufus, you know. Maybe I should get out of my room or spend time with my dog. This is what I needed you’re. So nice, you know. Maybe this is all I need and he’s puking on that doll.

Jason Smith

I am a former Marine who works as a Software Engineer. I have five US States left to visit. My sarcasm is legendary as is my knowledge of movie quotes. I can name the song or artist of just about any 80s or 90s song. I like whiskey, wine, coffee, soaking in hot springs or my hot tub. I enjoy getting out hiking, and taking pictures, along with metal detecting & magnet fishing from time to time. I do enjoy the occasional gaming by breaking out the original NES or SNES. I do spend a lot of time building other websites, (about 30 some in total).

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