The Gaming Beavers Toast Plushie Review

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What’s up you guys how you guys doing today, so it’s finally here! This is something that I have wanted a for a very long time I finally went out and got it ordered it online and you’re probably wondering what it is. I have already unboxed it because I’ve done three tanks of this, and now the first one was really good.

However, I did have some problems with, of course, one I would post it and if I posted it, it would be upside down for you guys. I didn’t want that, so I now have my camera facing the correct way. I am using my back camera for this instead of my front camera. I can normally do so just bear with me. You know it is what it is. I am going to be doing a review on one of my favorite YouTubers, toast for plushies that he came out with, which is called a toast plushie.

Of course, I just gave it away so wondering what it is. I’m about to show you right now. This is it; this is what it is right here, this little plushie, oh god, it fell over this thing right here. I don’t know, I’m weird you guys bear with me. So this is the toast blush. She has a lot bigger than I expected. I thought that it was gonna be like a, I, don’t know a lot smaller and it really isn’t. However, if I can get it, it does stand on its own. I can get it too. Are you?

Are you good, yeah, y’all, alright good, as you can see a stand on its own that right there for a plushie? That is a plus for me. I love that because of course it is a dinosaur and it’s a Carnotaurus. I believe, and of course it originated with him, making a video called toast and with who I’m talking about his v gaming beaver. This guy is amazing.

I love his content. I laugh every time he makes it and he’s funny man and I can relate to him and everything else. So, as you can see right, there is just logo. The tag of course, which I am NOT gonna, be taking off. Is there because you know value and all that don’t want to rip it and that logo right there? If you go on YouTube and search the gaming beaver, then you are going to see it and that’s the first channel it’s going to help look for that logo.

It’s amazing, the eyeballs, of course, like ceramic or plastic, and I love the detail to the pupils like they have their own little like line right there for a pupil, and that’s awesome to me. Of course it’s because it is a Carnotaurus. It has no two little horns: oh god, there he goes. That’S twice. You’Ve fallen over your little knot anyway. The mouth is amazing. It’S, oh god. I can’t hold on to this thing today. I just got today.

I guess that would make sense yeah anyway. Those are the things that, like the tongue itself, is a separate material. It’s amazing it’s like, of course, the toast itself does come off. So if you do order this – and you don’t want that on there, you could take it off and put it on whatever else. The stitching is good, I mean it’s really great. However, I did notice like little bits like that right there. I don’t know. If that’s just somebody missed something I mean this one has been like all over the table.

It’s falling all over his. You have seen like multiple times so that might just be fluff, I’m not sure hold on a second I’m actually gonna see. If I can yes, okay, so that’s just fluff and it’s not damaged, which is great. You know this thing is okay. You got something your lip yeah there we go alright, so his dirt be looking, but it is you know it’s adorable. I love it. It’s an amazing product overall. I think that it would be a good buy for your kid if he is in the dinosaurs or maybe she is in Genesis. I would definitely buy this and I would I don’t know it’s it’s really good, so I’m terrible at reviews.

Of course, this is my first unboxing, probably my only one on my channel and like I said it stands that right there. If you know who the Jurassic world line, not dry squirrel fallen kingdom, but Jurassic world line was Hasbro. This plushie stands on its own. I mean yeah mine, he has a bum leg there, but he it stands on its own. Hasbro can never do that. The game beaver some guy who started a gaming channel did did this product made this happen. It’S awesome, it’s fantastic!

That’s all I can say I can that I cannot do anything but seeing it phrases if you’re looking for something for your kid, it would be very well done. Like I said, everything is separate, it’s got its little teeth, which are actually hard or fiber they’re. Like a firm. I don’t. I don’t know what that is. It’S like just a really hard fiber and it’s just of course it’s the teeth. That would be kind of cool. Maybe they couldn’t do that.

Oh geez, hey there. He goes, it almost fell off the table. I’ve got I’ve lost it like three times, but it would be kind of cool if these teeth could come like up to like here, maybe or go back a little further I mean, maybe they were limited on things plus. Another thing that kind of gets me is again: this is just me nitpicking it of course. It’S an anonymous opinion where the bottom teeth you know, where’s the. That is one thing.

That kind of irritates me not irritate. That’s a bad word bugs me and I don’t know. Maybe I don’t know it’s it’s knit stupid, it’s just something silly, so the underneath is really well done. Of course you know you got the looks like he’s uh not going to the bathroom any time. So I’m sorry, I don’t know anyway guys if you enjoyed the video and you liked what you saw. Alright, you could just lay there. Fine, that’s that’s fine! I am going to be posting Instagram stories about this guy, like with this guy and Twitter, and everything if you want to follow me on there john Rosato my hand just blocked the entire camera there hold on a second.

So I’m gonna be posting these videos. I’m like clips and stuff with him on my instagram, which is john canzano. You could just find me on there you’ll support me on twitter. At john canzano I mean honestly, I’m gonna be posting like little things with this guy, and I can do actually do some editing on Instagram, like on the app like break down the clip and actually do some funny stuff. I guess so we’ll see anyway. If you enjoyed the look, if you’ve enjoyed the like god, I’m sorry if you enjoyed the video leave a like, don’t forget to subscribe. If you are new, leave a comment down below, if you enjoy what you saw and I’ll catch you guys next time, peace out say: bye, toast, toast toast! Are you, okay, toast? Okay, I got a yeah

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