Putting Weird Things In A Toaster

What happens if you put pop rocks in a toaster? We’ve made amazing discoveries by putting weird things through a water filter, but it took the green out yeah, it’s clear and the coffee maker, basically making coffee with hot sauce, basically there’s a coffee after aftertaste yeah. Yes, it’s like I thought I was eating.

Hot sauce must have been coffee and today toasters. Yes, now The Brave Little Toaster is an inspiring film, where a young appliance and all his appliance buddies nearly died trying to reunite with their former owner. I have not seen it, but the IMDB synopsis is absolutely riveting. Oh, we’ve got a bunch of Brave Little Toaster with us today, but, unlike in the movie they’re, probably not going to make it it’s time for putting things and things toaster Edition. First up play-doh, my kids are given play-doh to be creative, but at the end of the day their creations become gross little balls mush back into their cages.

We say no more, perhaps using a toaster as a kiln. We can turn temporary play-doh art into permanent artistic statements. Yes, it’s a kiln for poor kid pottery. Yes, there you go! Oh all right, so you make anything that we can hope to keep for posterity. Now, I’m going simple, because I don’t want to confuse the toaster. I’m making a piece of bread. Okay, I’m gonna make a make a smiley face with uh with a purple snake smile.

Oh, you got that it’s kind of looks more like a butterfly yeah, it’s pretty bread like that’s kind of bready. It’S ready! This is pretty. If play-doh can get that’s nice how’s that, I think that’s adequate, that’s pretty good huh! I want to keep this forever well. The thing is is that yours is going to show us what kind of integrity this thing has make it’s hot, because if your face stays together, this could be a new thing for the kids, all right. I’m gonna put mine on this side because yours is more interesting.

Let’s do all right and then over now and let it just wait. This is the fun part whoa. You got gloves right there. If you want. I got girls right here as well. Okay, this is a great idea all right, so we got some smoking action. If you put, if you push that up you like yep, Oh in there, okay, okay, there’s links face, that’s not bad! I mean this is not gonna be permanent. If your kid can do something like this, you should be proud, they’re going places.

Can I put it on the refrigerator? It’S still soft under it’s still, it’s still sunny it’s still soft in the middle man. This is not the face of success. What’S hot but it kind of I mean because it smells so good. I mean notice how good it’s been smelling. You know you want to taste it taste that bread, I’ll taste his face, goodness that’s better than any play-doh. I’ve ever had to eat mine. It tastes like a cookie what that an undercooked cookie, you like that Wow, your flavor tastes, a lot better than my flavor yeah cuz.

I save you like bread, oh gosh, hey does get better at a salty part next up popcorn and you probably know that you need a stove top for Jiffy Pop and there are approximately 8,000 kinds of microwave popcorn, some of which actually taste like popcorn. But can we pop popcorn in a toaster, oh you’re, getting yeah, you know, goggle no get ready! Okay! Now for this one, who knows how it’s gonna pop?

If you put the kernels into the toaster and then you try to engage the toaster, the clampers want, the clampers won’t go all the way down and so then, for therefore it won’t turn on. So you actually want to turn the toaster on and then drop just a good layering. You hear that it’s, the sound of basically having a layer of like like one layer of kernels all along the bottom. There Oh danger you’re doing this, so no one else has to right. That’s right!

We do not advise you to put anything other than bread, pop hearts, and toaster strudels, an occasional cookie, and mate. No, I wouldn’t even a tons of toddlers, no, no, no eggo waffle. Oh yeah, go there girl. I thought you said egg rolls and I was like she’s getting crazy. Already. Mm-Hmm, don’t put things and toasters that shouldn’t go on toasters. Let us do that on the internet. Unless it’s awesome just kidding, don’t do it. Yeah! Oh yeah! It’S popping this is really impressive. It smells like it’s burning yeah. I think it is it’s not. This is not gonna be good tasting pop.

This is like when your mom doesn’t read the directions on the microwave popcorn you, my mom, still does it for me. Yeah she flies into town. Yeah makes you some popcorn flies man yeah! I like mom you’re, not supposed to hit the puck the large popcorn button for the small popcorn. Okay, all right, you want to go a little bit more and then we’ll we’ll turn it over. In here they’re still going, I actually have turned off the toaster they’re continuing to to go on their own yeah.

Okay. Here we go. I’M gon na turn this over. So you can see what all the fuss was about in there. Okay, there we go. There’S a good stuff there. It is okay, now dig in link like this one right here. This one see that looks pretty good. Look at that! That’S a pretty! Well! That’S it! Let’S barber! Well, I got a! I got a perfect one. I got a perfect kernel way burnt, tasting, hmm the fact that it doesn’t ah completely pop yeah bad.

If you’re one of those people that likes to eat the sort of half popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn. And you also like to taste like wow, then burnt nests, there’s a great way for you to experience that just throw some popcorn into a toaster Nick nacho, toasters. Original purpose is culinary primarily to turn bread into toast and a magic process. I still don’t fully understand me neither, but we think we can make better stuff than dry scratchy toast enter toaster nachos.

Yes, so we got the nachos over here, we’re not gonna toast those we’re gonna toast the cheese and then, after being patient. I am hoping that we can just do use the toaster as in dispensers, yes, something I’ve always dreamed of. Oh, my goodness, this is a bit y-yes break to break the end off there and then this one right here just right in there. Okay then set it and forget it. I don’t think we can use that slogan, it’s getting kind of smoky all right whoo, I mean yeah okay, so I’ve released release the hounds and now welcome to the future.

Nacho, daddy, look at it go and we could go to basketball games like middle school basketball games. The nacho boys are here Pat it like making a baby bird they’re gonna need 64 toasters, but they make the best. Not you man, you pat it too hard to get us fired from the middle school basketball game. The nacho boys can’t be dropping than toasters into the nachos look II know I am and look. I think you can reuse that you might be able to I’m gonna get dad extra cheesy one okey.

That’s perfect! Well, actually, there are quite a few chips. I have no cheese on him at all, but it’s the first time the nacho boys ever became the nacho boys. This is at the beginning of the toaster revolution, but the shelves are gonna, be filled with toasters, and then they’re gonna be empty, because everyone’s gonna be buying the toasters. Well, it’s gonna be like no they’re gonna be buying more because of the toasters that they ruin exactly. We should go into the toaster business.

Oh yes, next up, nail-polish one of the tedious things about becoming beautiful is waiting for the nail polish to dry. Can a toaster help with that? Perhaps, and because we are a beauty company who refuses to test on animals which includes ourselves, we will be using my mannequin arm for this. Oh, my goodness, I was gonna say something I was gonna, say so. Payee, hey, hey, give me five okay.

So what we’re gonna do is Oh face man, okay, we’re gonna repaint. We got one that doesn’t have any on it and I’m gonna repaint this purple. Just so, we have some fresh, some fresh nail polish. This is actually color-changing nail polish that changes when exposed to heat. So not only will we get to see these two fingers dry. Oh yeah we’re gonna get to see the color change on all I mean we can put it all the way up this finger. Who cares? Okay, that’s just to remember this is the green one cuz it’s gonna change, color! Okay, that’s an interesting! Some people have a green thumb. Alright, are you ready other people, don’t heat it up for you?

Well, I’ve got to put this in there first and then you clamp it okay, I mean if we lose a finger in the process, all right, why don’t you? Why don’t you bring it up? Let’s just check in on it. Okay, I ring it up, it’s completely dried. It changed color. It went from green to yellow now and then that one these two went to pink and the blue. Didn’T I don’t remember what color that well, the ring finger got the worst of it.

Oh wow, there’s definitely at least a third-degree burn there, but the price of beauty, and sometimes you got to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. I think we can probably flick that off. Maybe I should use this glove that we have well, if you’re a nail tech, oh you’ve, you’ve squished the hole. You’Ve just pulled the fingertip off yeah entirely. Now, what do we learn?

Link we shouldn’t work in nail, salons nope. Next, up top rock pop rocks are mysterious candy, no one knows what they are. People in the comments will claim the reduce carbon dioxide infuse sugar, but they don’t know nobody knows we’re about to know what happens to pop rocks in a dang toaster sure it off. This rod link: oh alright, ok, they told us to wear these, but I guess cuz. They could pop it wrong.

Yeah rip open for Pat we’re gonna do 4 packs and just like the popcorn kernals you’re gonna want to put these down. Ok then unload them and I’ll do this side. You do the far side. You do your side, ok, you’re, right, ok! So that’s down! Alright, we got a little popping got a little rocking and a lot of smoke. Oh look! Look we’re going everywhere! Look at that pop rock pop inside of a toaster: Oh get a little hot down in there. Hopefully it’s on fire, it’s on fire. It’S on fire! Ok, stop the pop rocks I’ll plug it like it is on fire. Okay! Well can’t say we recommend that one either it sounds like he’s making our pop rocks inedible.

Oh you wanted to. He wanted to get a taste uh yeah I was like. Oh it’s getting hot and you’re like is that points I don’t know is that is that cold, okay um for the pop rocks Simon, it’s gonna be really cold. If you touch it, he froze it. That’S just ice! No pop rocks it up. There are some pop rocks: oh there’s, no pop it once they pop pop rocks. Just can’t stop popping! Oh thank you! Yeah yeah! Look at that! Oh there we go.

We got just right. You know what! If you’re gonna put pop rocks inside of a toaster, it’s gonna catch on fire, then you’re gonna put it out and freeze the toaster, always touch what comes out of it. With a mannequins hand, look at that! That’S just safety! It’S like a pop-rock, wafer, totally inedible. Of course. What do we learn today?

Opera accent, it’s not a fire in a toaster. That’s pretty much! My takeaway! That’s true! I think we learned that a toaster can be used for other things, but it’s not necessarily recommended by the manufacturer of said toasters. Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing. You know what time it is hi I’m Emma. This is Hardy.

Toaster starring Vlad. This is Alfea and it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality. I don’t know whether to comment on the fact that she has a snake named toaster or a snake named Satan, but you know what I’m glad she’s being her mythical best click, the top link that watches crisp, soggy, fries and good, mythical who’s, not gonna work And to find out where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land move at the speed of conversation with us subscribe to ear biscuits wherever you listen to podcast

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