New Lasergun VS bread – Will It Toast?



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All right and welcome to lazy yesterday another little demonstration of another laser gun I’ve made together with a matching. Stand including some lights or you’ve seen this so. Let’s burn some, stuff laser versus food. Will it burn some bread yeah? That’s not works on bread, balloon killer, yep features for this one.

That’s from before, or agility, they’re blue LED there and one in the sand switch for. It is under this panel there first and so um yeah that’s to the gun. For the day already sold, that’s why it’s carrying his name, and I also put a tiny, tiny thing on the on the grip there, just to make a bit more interesting cutters for his choice.

Looking neat working well and just to tease you how about this next or this, this is a nerve again, it’s a rampage with a small fire down there and it’s gonna be a Borderlands. Actually a soft rifle. It looks like a sniper made by Atlas in bold lines three, and I really need to make this one. It’s just fifty percent done needs some Holdings and tubes going down there and paneling and whales, of course, paint still, I think but yeah. This is what are the next projects so stay tuned subscribe like, and I see you guys next time,

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