My Crochet Toast Purse

Hi everyone – I was just thinking that I would make a video of the toast purse that I made the other night. I’ve been really want to make one. I found a pattern online that I really liked, and I thought I would make a purse.

So here’s what I came up with it’s, not what the pattern calls for exactly I kind of like it did just kind of came up with part of it on my own, because I really don’t like looking between the patterns and my work, a lot so but Yeah, so what I did was I just crocheted two pieces to closer to pieces that look like toast, like I did the teen.

Obviously, just did that made it as long as I wanted, because the pattern made it really small so that I made it as long as I wanted my first to be, and I just did single crochet for the whole thing, and I just changed. However long I wanted to be chain, one turn did the opposite and back and forth background so on for so forth. That made this tall as I wanted it to be, and then once I got to the top, I did kind of what the pattern is called for.

I made some, I think, gosh, I don’t even know what kind of fish these are. I just I think these are like quadruple or I don’t know. I think those are quadruple stitches, I’m not quite sure, and did it like that, so it made like a little arc. They’re connected did the same thing over here and then I just did a double crochet around the arc to make the ark a bit bigger, and then I single crocheted around it, and then once I got those pieces together crocheted I mean I just put them together and then took the dark, brown and crocheted all the way around it single crocheted all the way around it, and I think I did that twice, not sure.

But and then I think I’m trying to remember exactly how I did this and then I single crocheted all the way around and then went up and just started chaining just doing a simple chain all the way around for the strap and then just same thing down There and just connected it and just continue to single crochet, but that’s just strap. It’s not really. I don’t know it’s not as thick as I’d like it to be, but hey was my first try.

So what do you know, but anyway um it’s kind of. It started to curve up a little bit here. I am NOT an expert at this by far, and this was the first time it ever really done food or anything like that, and so this was just the first thing that came out. Of course, yellow butter had to have the butter on the toast and release the inside, but it looks like people it’s pretty sturdy, except for the strap. I would have liked that to be thicker but yeah. So that’s my toast first see the other side here: cool huh. That’s my toast purse and yeah hope you like it more to come.

Jason Smith

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