I Am Bread – Teens React: Gaming

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The Teens attempt to make toast as they control a single slice of bread in, I Am Bread! Gaming episodes air every Sunday on the REACT channel.

Watch the Teens play I AM BREAD again in I AM BREAD #2: http://goo.gl/Mtqyjt

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Created by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
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Sabrina: “I am bread”? It’s that what it’s called? Madison: I’ve never heard of it. Sam: I have no idea what this means, this sounds really weird. Mikaela: I enjoy bread, so this could be fun. Tom: I feel like, it would be so simple in theory. But when you’re actually trying to do it, it’s gonna be ridiculously hard. Daniel: Oh! *bleep* No! I’ve watched Markiplier playing it and the controls is like, the most difficult controls I’ve seen in a video game. This is gonna be really rage-inducing. Madison: “Become toast”? I love toasts, ok. I don’t know what to do! Mikaela: “Become toast”. Am I a loaf of bread? What? I don’t get it.

Sam: Wait a second! Am I the bread? Sabrina: Ok. What the…? Oh! So I actually am bread? Mikaela: So is this toast alive? Madison: What am I doing? So I’m a piece of bread? Daniel: Ok. Wait. Am I doing…? Oh, these are really funky controls. Sam: I guess I’m a just little bit confused about what exactly it is, I’m supposed to be doing right now. Mikaela: Is there a toaster? How do I become toast? Sabrina: So I have to like, put it in a toaster? Tom: Oh! Toaster! “Make toast”! That’s the mission! Mikaela: Oh, I see it. Why is it all the way over there? Daniel: It’s at the far end over there. It’s so far to become toast. Alright. Unh! I’m just *bleep*ing this bowl of soup right now. Tom: Alright, so. Oh! This is gonna be annoying.

Madison: Ok so, I have to walk like the toast. Sam: Yes! Do that! Flip and flip! It’s like, a dancing bread. Mikaela: Ok. I broke the butter thing! How come bread can break glass? Sabrina: Oh! Ok. Sam: Ok you know what? We’re getting off this table. This is… Seriously? Go in the right direction! I’m telling you where to go! Madison: It’s hard to walk. It’s like, just flopping everywhere. And now I’m on the floor. Daniel: Oh, physics! Oh! *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*! Tom: I have no idea how to do this. Am I not supposed to on the ground? “Edibility”! Oh, man! Mikaela: “Edibility”! Oh! It’s like The 5 Seconds Rule! Shoot! Sam: Oh my god! I need to get off the floor, then.

Let’s get to the wall over here. I’m gonna climb up the wall. Oh! God *bleep*! Oh *bleep*, I’m going the wrong way. No. Sabrina: As long as I get there somehow! It’s so slow! Tom: It’s getting moldy! Ok. “LT” “LB” “RT” “L”… No. *sighing* Mikaela: Aah! No! I’m no longer edible! Shoot, shoot! I done goofed! I kinda got it now. Ok. Sabrina: Go, go, go, go, go! No, no, no! Oh my god! *whimpering* I probably shouldn’t have gone on the floor! *laughing* Sam: I’m so dirty! “I’m so dirty!” No! Someone on the street would eat that. Like, there’s people out there that need food.

That’s like, a 100% edible. Madison: Oh gosh! *giggling* I’m so bad! “I am not toast!” Guys, this is so hard! Ok. This is the time, guys. Mikaela: I am the bread next, I shall be the toast. I will aim high. Sam: Ok. No! I just want to become toasted. I do not want to become toasted with jelly. Sabrina: I don’t want to get on the fish.

*whimpering* Madison: This is like the weirdest game ever! *laughing* Is that s…? Oh! Oh! Uh-oh. Now it’s all stuck to me? Aww… I shouldn’t done that, huh? Do you think this game…? Oh, no! What is on it? What is going on? Mikaela: I’m just going for it. I’m just gonna jump. Suicide. Ok. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run. Heh. Shoot! Flip, flip. Sabrina: Ok. Go! Sam: We’re gonna go down! Ok! Get on to that skateboard! That’s it, we’re gonna have to… Yes! Ok. NO! OH MY GOD! You have got to be…! Aah! No! Oh! This is litterally so frustrating! I need to… I’m just walkin’. Madison: Go, go! No! Someone needs to clean their house. Oh, no! Look at me, I’m struggling so bad! I don’t know what I did! I give up! This game is so hard. I failed at being a bread. Mikaela: Get up the wall! Ok. Come on now. *gasping* Oh, shoot! Ok. “RT” There we go! Oh my god! There’s a skateboard in the way, get out! I’m going down! I’m not going to be edible.

It’s not crawling, oh my god. I can’t get up the wall. I’m done. I will never be the toast. Sam: I’m going up the wall and I don’t care what anyone says. Sabrina: Wait, but how do I go up the wall? Tom: Can you not go up the …? God! Come on you gotta climb! Yeah! Daniel: There we go. Ugh! Come on! *bleep* *groaning* I’m already getting frustrated with this. Ah! That’s my grip, so I assume, that is how long I can hold that for. Sabrina: Oh my…! This game is so hard! Tom: Oh! I’m gonna lose my grip! I didn’t even…! No! Toast! Quick! Alright, come on. Sam: OH YEAH! Oh my god! I’m going to do this! “RB”! No! “RB”! “LT”! “LB”! “RB”! “LT”! Oh my god! You guys! Oh my god! No! “RB”! No, no, no, no, no! No! “RT”! OH MY GOD! You guys! I’m so nervous! Oh! This is little…! Go up! No! OH MY GOD! NO! I’m giving up with this game because, I mean I’m about to go to the hospital.

Sabrina: Ok. Go! Don’t fall, don’t fall! No! Yes, yes! Ok, ok. *laughing* Daniel: Ok. *bleep* I don’t… No, no, no! I got it. There we go. Tom: Up, up! Oh yeah, he’s up. Where do I gotta go? The toaster is so far away! *laughing* Sabrina: Is this the time? Oh, it’s like, if you do it fast, it’s better. Fine Brothers: You are doing it the slowest way possible so… Sabrina: *laughing* You know what? When I’ll get there, I will be very proud. Daniel: Ok you know, I think I’m gonna do the Spider-Man swing across the refrigerator. Ok. Alright. Here we go. That’s what I wanted to do. Oh *bleep*! Come on. Tom: This is like a really cool spy game,except you’re a piece of bread. Sabrina: Oh! Oh! Wait, where am I? But, how do I? Aah! Go, go, go.

Ah, ah, ah, ah! Daniel: I feel pretty dirty. *laughing* I need to be a piece of bread. In real life. Tom: Oh my gosh! This is so hard. “RT”. Come on, you gotta get up there! You gotta want it! I’m almost… Oh! I’m gonna get soggy! Sabrina: Go. No, don’t land on the water! Wait, ok. But wait, how do I get…? This game is so delical! Oh my god! This is so ironating! Go! Go. That way. No, no, no, no! How come I’m in a dog pool? Ugh! No! I’m tired. I don’t know why, I’m like stressed for that.

I think I want to give up. Tom: I’m gonna make a jump for it. Suicide toast. Come on toast, let’s go. Run! This is not fun, this is more stressful than anything. Ok. You’re so close! No! I can totally be an F. I’ll get a least like, a C-. Daniel: Swing across that… Oops! Ok. *bleep*!There we go. Ugh! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, *bleep*! I want to beat this *bleep* game! Ok. Where is the skateboard? I think I’m gonna try and glide on that. Scoot over into it, and I landed it. Alright I should’ve done this the first time. Ok. Wait. Tom: Alright, let’s go, toast. “RB”. Aah! This is so difficult! Daniel: Oh, this is like hardcore parkour. Oh! *bleep*! Ants! I didn’t see them! Ah! Ok. I think I’m a gun it from right here. The toaster is right over there.

Tom: Maybe, I’m gonna climb the top of the Jenga, and I’m gonna tip it. New strategie. Oh, no! Run, toast, run! Go. “LB”. “RT”. There we go. Ugh! Oh! *bleep* Come on. Here we go. Come on. Tom: Oh, come on! Get your grip back! There we go. Up. Daniel: Come on! Corner! Why can’t I get up there? Oh, there we go. Tom: “RB”. Yeah! Daniel: Yes! Finally! I did it. Alright. Now just think it on the toaster. Tom: Even when you think you won the game, it’s gonna continue like, this for another half-hour. Oh, there’s cap’s right there too. Daniel: Get in here. Why is this so annoying? Tom: I have to go in like, right-side up. No! Come on! *groaning* It’s 3%. I think this is the most frustrating I’ve ever been playing a game. Oh! Yeah! Come on.

Just flip! Daniel: Oh come on! *groaning* Come on, slide in it already! “That’s what she said”. Tom: Come on! You got it! You’re right there! Daniel: Oh! Yes! Finally! Holy *bleep*! That took way long. Oh! God! Finally! Jeez, E? I’ll take it that works. Tom: Alright. OH! YES! Yes! You become toast! I got an E! Yes! That was the most difficult piece of toast, that I’ve ever made. Madison: I liked it. But, I would like it more, if I could do it. The controls were hard! Mikaela: I kinda want to know who thinks this. And said this: “You know what? We’re gonna make a video game, where we’re gonna be bread”. Daniel: I’m never playing this game again.

Certainly, I’ve had enough for this for my entire life. Fine Brothers: Last thing. Daniel: Ok. What? Can I tear it apart? Sabrina: I’m sorry bread, that I didn’t get you toasted. Mikaela: I don’t want to touch the bread! I think I’m gonna let it down. Madison: “Flop.”. That was my game! Sam: I hate this whole thing! I was thinking about going free and I’m going to. Tom: *laughing* This one is better than mine. This game was so difficult but so rewarding at the same time, I kinda want to keep playing..

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I am a former Marine who works as a Software Engineer. I have five US States left to visit. My sarcasm is legendary as is my knowledge of movie quotes. I can name the song or artist of just about any 80s or 90s song. I like whiskey, wine, coffee, soaking in hot springs or my hot tub. I enjoy getting out hiking, and taking pictures, along with metal detecting & magnet fishing from time to time. I do enjoy the occasional gaming by breaking out the original NES or SNES. I do spend a lot of time building other websites, (about 30 some in total).

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