How I Built a Toaster From Scratch

For most of the things that surround usIt started out from sludge and rocks Buried in the ground in different parts of the world Yes, those things do not appear. Like sludge (sticky mud) or rocks nowBut they look like televisions, cameras, and screens And the radio stationThis is a magic transformationIt is what I was trying to comprehend with this projectWhich became known as the “Electric Bread Toaster” I was so inspired by this phrase Said by Douglas Adams That he said in a scene from his book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” And the situation was then About a herofrom the twentieth century He finds himself on an alien planet It is haunted by primitive people in technology Which makes him happyAnd he makes him think he willHe can rule them.

And their society changed By virtue of his great knowledge of technology And scienceand the necessary elements for that But of coursefind out It is without the rest of human society He cannot make a single sandwich No matter how a toaster He did not have a Wikipedia encyclopedia So I saidto myselfwell I want to try to make a toaster from scratch And I started working on this idea. To make the cheapest electric toaster This I thought was too easy to recycle So I went to buy the cheapest toaster I could find And I took her home And I disassembled and explored it I am aware of what it consists of I bought it for 3.94 pounds It consisted of 400 parts Made from more than 100 different materials And I didn’t have the rest of my life to complete this project.

I had maybe 9 months So I said to myselfI’ll start with five basic materials I’ll start with steel, plastic, copper Nickel and mica metal Well, let’s start with steel, how do you make steel? He went and knocked on the door President of the Royal Schools of Metals specialized in extracting metals with advanced technologies In Rio Tinto And his question: How do we make steel? Professor Sellers was very nice He talked to me about it Which reminded me of the science of high school diploma.

And those vague questionsHe told me that steel comes from iron. So I called an iron mine And I told themHello, I am trying to make a toaster Can I come to you to take a little iron? Unfortunately when I went thereit was in charge, Emergus Ray. He heard me wrong He thought I wanted to do a large “advertising image” instead of the toaster (for the similarity of the word) So he was not willing to take me to the mines But after insisting, he did (Video file) Ray: It’s ripples of limestone Made by sea ​​creatures 350 million years ago In a bright atmosphere Beautifulwarm And when you study geologyYou can see what happened in the pastAnd how there are wonderful changes happening around usThomas Thwaites: As you can see, there are Christmas decorations there Of course, it is mine outside the scope of work.

Ray was a miner. The mine has been closed. And now it has become a tourist attractionBecause of course he could not compete The remaining productions of the mineswhich were working In South America, Australia, or anywhere else After allI got enough of the raw materials in which the iron is present And I took her with me to London by trainBut later I encountered another problemHow can I transform these rocksTo the components that can be used in the manufacture of a toaster? So I went back to Professor Celeris He told me, “You should go to the library.” And you did.

So I went and looked at university books specialized in mining. And it was totally useless for what I wanted Becauseit doesn’t really tell you how to actually do this If you want to do this – mining – without owning a steel factory So I went to the History of Science Library And I read this book It is the first published book on mining Books in the Westat least And you can see the chopped wood here. Which you preparedBut instead of bringing the inflatorsI brought one (Laughter) This is something that was repeated during this projectThe more sample you want to work on, the smaller The more you have to go back in history the more This is the result After the son-in-law as long A full day and a half nightsThen the raw material was extracted. The product was not iron But fortunately I found a patent For an industrial microwave He can do the operation Within 30 minutes Ifthe following article.

The next material I tried to getis copper And againto the mine This was the largest copper mine in the world But it is no longer the case But I have found a retired professor geologist He agreed to take me there And he told meOkay, I will go with you to take a sample of mine water And the reason I was interested in getting water That is the water that runs through the mines It becomes acidic Which makes him erode rocks and carry Minerals from inside the mine to outside it A good example of this idea is Rio Tinto Which is located in Portugal As you can see, there are a lot of dissolved minerals in the water So much so This has become a habitat for bacteria Which prefers an acidic and polluted environment But the water I got From the island of Englisi where the mine was there It had enough copper in it Where I can pour it into containers To get an electric wire to make the plug And the next thing – I get mica I went to Scotland for that And mica is a mineral It is distinguished by its good insulation It is very important as an electrical insulator This is me and I get mica And the last thing I want to talk about today is plastic Of course The toaster must be wrapped in plastic wrap And plastic.

Is a symbol Cheap electrical equipmentPlastic is made from petroleum, so I contacted Pricher Petroleum I spent half an hour on the phone I am trying to persuade Britain’s PR executive It would be great That they let me go to an oil field And let me extract a little bit of it But Bretcher Petroleum had enough of its troubles at the time. Despite this conversation They are not convinced So they told himOk, we will call you laterThey did not do that And I looked for other ways to make plastics And I discovered you can really do it Through oils that come from plants and also from starches This is what I’m trying to get On the plastic through potato starches This seemed good at first glance. I poured it into the mold. Which I made from the trunk of a tree And it looked like it would work I left it in the yard to cool (dry) But unfortunately when I came back There were snails eating the unsweetened portions of potatoes In order to get out of this frustration.

I decided to think horizontally. The geologists will decide to baptizeIn fact, they are discussing a baptism. The era in which we live todayThus, they want to know a new geological era. The human era is called the Anthropocene. This is because of the geologists in the future. They will see a big change. In strata of rocks deposited today. Because there is a new classradioactive. as a result of the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor And the presence of more than 2000 or so of nuclear bombsAnd that era began in 1945 There is also an indication of an extinction. Fossils So I thought. He probably can There be degraded polymers. Like plastic in rocks. So I started looking for plastic. in it. And I decided that I could play. Inside the rocks of the modern era So I went to Manchester.

To visit a site called “Exwin” for recyclingWhere they are on the brink of changeand they call the place there “hand” It is the place to be turned into European electronic and electrical waste This is what I tried to doTo deal with this huge amount From things that have been made In our modern era.

And that went to that landfill the garbage dump And this is what happened Well this is a picture My toaster This is her picture without the cover And here she is on one of the store shelves Thank you Bruno Giussani: They told me you really plugged it in Thomas Thwaites: Yes, you did I don’t realize if you can see. I was not able to make wire insulators Kew Gardens refused. Take a little bit of your rubber tree So I didn’t insulate the wires And there was a current of 240 volts on that Hand made copper wire And via a hand-made plug And within 5 seconds. The toaster has become (a toaster !!) Hence unfortunately The constituent elements of that electric toaster melted But I consider myself a fact that I have achieved partial success in this regard.

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