Finding The Perfect Toaster

I heard Jeff chose a three. Too light. I heard Theresa preferred a two. Better than how Brian set it at a 9. You might as well just throw it out! Shh. Here comes Elliott. He chose one. Why bother? Hey, what’s going on over here? We’re talking toast, Jack. Toast? Toast. So, the numbers that you heard people talking about earlier Yeah. actually, refer to this industry-standard toasting chart. Wait a minute, there’s an industry-standard toast chart? Yes, and that’s exactly how we test our toasters, to see how well they toast. What we’re really looking for is to make sure that the toaster can toast consistently each time. And also, when you look at these toasts, you can see that there’s such a difference in how the actual toaster covers the toast.

This one seems even? Right, right. And, this one’s got more of a stripy pattern to it. So, we’re wanting a toaster that can really get a full coverage of that toast, so that it’s perfect every time. Haniya says, testing works like this. While set to medium, each toaster is judged on how well it makes a batch of toast, two to four slices, depending on the model. With the best models, results match the evenly brown, medium toast on the toast color chart. So, in our tests, on average, toasters fully toast your toast in about two and a half minutes. Is the more expensive toaster the way to go? Well, in our tests, when we’ve tested those fancy upscale toasters, some of them only test so-so.

So, when you’re looking for a decent toaster, we recommend looking for one with a digital dial and a display so that way you can get your toast to the same setting each time. Right. You can also try to find ones with a bread lifter that will push it up a few extra inches, so that way you’re not burning your fingers on the side of the toaster when you’re picking up the bread. That is very helpful. Also, if you love that New York style bagel, you want to look for slots that are extra wide, to fit in the entire bagel.

Good idea. Also, you want one that has an easily removable crumb tray. If you look at this one right here– so, you see all those nasty little crumbs? You can– Yeah. –dump them right out. And that way, when you make another piece of toast, they won’t be there to burn. Well listen, Haniya, I don’t want all this bread to go to waste. So, I think I have an idea of what we can do with all this toast. I have one toast. I have three toast. I have five toast. You’re really going to eat a banana, tomato, and lettuce sandwich? Of course! This is a vegan BLT. It’s my favorite.

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