Drawing a Toast Plushie

This video is me drawing toast a carno with a toast on its head witch TheGamingBeaver made, go check him out and buy a toast plushie!

Gaming Weaver if you’re watching this video I hope you like the drawing and I have some things to tell you every day when I watch your videos you always make me laugh or smile I’m a big fan and I love toast plushies unfortunately I’m I haven’t got one yet but I’m planning to get one and if you are for some reason watching this I’m a huge fan of you and I love your videos I’m watching Jurassic month right now and you’re awesome I am a huge fan so if you’re watching this please comment down below that would be amazing because you’re so cool so yeah peace out.

Jason Smith

I am a former Marine who works as a Software Engineer. I have five US States left to visit. My sarcasm is legendary as is my knowledge of movie quotes. I can name the song or artist of just about any 80s or 90s song. I like whiskey, wine, coffee, soaking in hot springs or my hot tub. I enjoy getting out hiking, and taking pictures, along with metal detecting & magnet fishing from time to time. I do enjoy the occasional gaming by breaking out the original NES or SNES. I do spend a lot of time building other websites, (about 30 some in total).

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