Do The Numbers on Toaster Dials Mean Minutes?

What Do The Numbers on a Toaster Mean?

The dial on your toaster actually controls how much electricity goes through the switch. It is a little backward though, a lower number means a higher current in the circuit. What that then does it triggers the switch to turn off more quickly.

There’s been a “Life Pro Tip” going around the internet lately saying that the numbers on toaster dials are actually minutes. I was so sure it was false. Oh, I was so sure. I got four toasters set to “2”, and I had one take to film it all in a back room at my office. This is that one take.

Thanks to Dan W (@iamdanw) on camera and Jonty (@jonty) on toaster-wrangling!

UPDATE: An error pointed out by a couple of folks in the comments: modern toasters likely don’t use bi-metallic strips. They either use a capacitor charged through a variable resistor or specialized silicon. See this great Technology Connections video.

The Internet is talking nonsense about the numbers of these toasters are actually minutes this is completely, blatantly untrue, and I will now prove it. All these toasters are set to the second degree This is a cheap toaster preferred by students everywhere This is a not-so-cheap toaster preferred by people who have just graduated from university and they thought “I shouldn’t buy the cheapest toaster”.

And here’s a slightly more expensive toaster, for people to think “removable crumb plate “is a nice thing We also have an office toaster that I picked up from the next office they are all set to “2” and I guarantee you that none of them will pop up after exactly two minutes Why? Because toasters don’t have time chips.

They are too cheap. What they have is a double metal plate. Two metal pieces stacked back to back that heat up and expand at different speeds so that the plate is slightly distorted. What we change by turning the knob is how much to bend the plate before turning on the device that makes the slices pop out Here, we are not even close to 2 minutes. and at a very different time in comparison with the other toasters To think that “2” means minutes is complete nonsense.

And here’s one more thing: it’s not even logically. Because even if it was 2 minutes, how would that help you? However, you have to experiment with trial and error to find out exactly how many minutes are needed for this type of bread and certainly need much more than we have released them now The office toaster?

The one that is designed for businesses made to bake slices fast? No, there is no such thing. What we have here are four different toasters, all set to “2”, but none of them pop up in the second minute Someone on the internet is wrong and now you can fix it Does anyone want a slice? (It’s not very roasted) It’s not even roasted at all (that’s awful) What makes me happy is that we’re still shooting, and this toaster hasn’t popped out yet.

It is to such an extent that the numbers of toasters are different Now we are literally waiting for this toaster to pop up – Here! (Tom?) Yes? (I think it was 2 minutes) What, exactly? HA !, Okay, maybe the expensive toaster has some kind of time chip.

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