DIY Avocado Toast Plushie

This is a tutorial on how to make this AWESOME avocado toast plushie. it was so fun to make and the result came out adorable. I love how the plushie turned out so cute and unique. It’s great for a unique and weird gift, or for a cute room decor.

Hey everyone, this a tutorial part with this bit dorable I have a country toast plushie deprecate is obscure their big thumbs up to this video. So, let’s get started. First, you need is Piper Cottagers template. I just made this by folding a piece of paper, drawing half the toast and then cutting out and holding it back up again, you’re going to place down on some like beige.

You picture a brick and draw around it twice after that, draw in one centimeter seam allowance, around thirds of the choices after you finish, to cut them off. It should look something like this next take a very, very, very long piece of brown fabric, of a crust of the flesh, place them good, SciTech inside and edge to edge, and then start stirring for the enormous stitch. If you do this by saying machine, if you want, but I just decided to go by hand, but then I did was say machine afterwards, good much easier.

So I’m just continuing now all around the toes and then it should look. Something like this and then you’re going to show the edges of the cross together. Next, it should look something like this you’re going to take the other piece of taste and you’re, going to place a good site, a good site with the crust again and then do the same thing before remembering to leave a gap because we’re going to flip it Inside out and that, starting after that you’re going to flip it inside out from the hole that you left, then it should look something like this and it looks super adorable already you’re going to take some stuffing and you’re going to stuff it just don’t stuff it.

Too much because they know look at you bloated and it won’t give the natural effect of the taste after that step over the hole closed and then it should look something like this, and this looks so adorable. You can obviously leave it like this, but I wanted to put up a Cardos on him, so I made this template. It looks a bit like a phone like one of those bold things and the dark green is bigger than the like thing, because don’t be going to be the skin of the avocado place, the template off fabric and draw around and then cut them off. Do this.

For to both colors and then place them on top of each other and stick them together, after that in me to place them on the toast and like to see how to be like diagonal straight. However, you like to offer you our coffee, toast and then I also added a face. This is really optional and then adorable Italy, and just take that all on the cushion or the pleasure to make it look extra adorable add some blush, and this is the finished plushie. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, please give a big thumbs up and subscribe. This is such an adorable and kind of easy DIY. It’S so adorable le gift or just as a room decor, it’s so cute and unique.

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