Crochet Toast Coaster Tutorial

Hey guys, this is the crochet toast coaster pattern tutorial. What you’re going to need is a light brown or beige color, a dark brown or medium brown color, I’m going to use my size h, crochet hook a sewing needle and a pair of scissors. So I printed the pattern, so it’s a bit easier to see and we’re going to start with that.

Oh we’re going to start with that light. Light brown color. So this one. So let me just do that, okay, so the pattern says chain 15. So like we already know how to do we’re going to make the slip knot so just a regular slip. Knot uh, leaving enough of a tail to sew in later and we’re just going to secure that on our crochet hook and we’re going to chain 19.. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19., okay.

So now we have that, and so it says row one uh single crochet in the second chain from hook and the rest of the way down and then you’re going to chain one and turn okay, so you’re going so remember we’re going to skip this first one And we’re going to go into the second chain and then we’re just going to crochet it down the whole row.

I just get a little bit more yarn and yeah, so just crochet down that whole row and these crochet coasters are really cool for uh, like putting your coffee mug on in the morning. But I wouldn’t recommend using them to like grab hot pots, because most likely most likely, you are using acrylic yarn and acrylic yarn will melt because acrylic yarn is plastic, so um. If you want to make a pop coasters that you can grab hot pots with or if you want to crochet an oven or something like that, I would really recommend cotton um cotton’s really good for that, because it won’t melt, like a god, uh.

Sorry, like acrylic, so yeah uh, but acrylic is a lot better for using for amigurumi because well I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning on um putting my immigration like the oven, so yeah, okay. So I’m just coming up on finishing this first row. So yes, okay, so okay, so that is the first row. Let me just double-check that I have 18 stitches so 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15, 16, 17. 18.

Okay, so we have 18. So let me just move the poster, so we did chain 19. We did row one now we’re moving on to row. Two. So, oh and remember, we had to chain one and turn so chain one and turn okay and it’s this single crochet in each stitch across so yeah. That’S the um same thing: we just uh single crochet, all the way, all the way across also um bear with me when I’m figuring out how to make these videos I’m no techie. So I don’t really know how to make all the super fancy like transitions or uh, all that stuff, so yeah, maybe I’ll.

I’m gonna try to figure out how to do like a time-lapse, so you don’t have to just sit here watching me. Crochet, okay, so I’m just coming up on finishing this second row. Okay! So now I’m done with row two and as you can see, it is curling a bit, but that’s all right because, as you go uh and do more rows, it’ll straighten out see it’s already. Straightening out okay, so I just did row two and now the pattern says row three to eighteen. You repeat: uh row two and that was just uh single crocheting across so um. I’m I actually pre uh did that. So you don’t have to watch me.

Crochet um, like 18, more rows so yeah, so yeah pause the video and uh get to this point, and once you have 18 rows, maybe meet me back here. Okay, so now that we have 18 rows, I can move the post-it we’re going to do the two um like what is this called like the two humps? I guess on like a on a piece of toast, so um turn your yeah turn your project and it says the pattern says: skip the first three stitches, so that is one two three we’re skipping those three meaning we’re going to go into the fourth.

So it says seven double crochet in the next stitch: okay, so one two three and we’re going to double crochet in this in this stitch, so the fourth stitch so wrap around the yarn wrap the yarn around your hook. Put it in that stitch and do seven double crochets in that stitch, so just so one double crochet, two double crochet, three, four: five: six and seven okay. So now we have seven double crochets in that stitch and the pattern says: skip the next three single crochets.

Okay, so we’re going to skip this one, this one and this one meaning we go into this one and what does it say? What does it want us to do? Um it’s a slip, stitch in each of the next three stitches. So I don’t think we went over slip stitch and it’s a very easy stitch. So I’ll just show you right now, so we skip one two three we’re gonna put our hook through. That’S uh that stitch and all you’re gonna do is pull your yarn through everything. So it’s a super simple stitch um, so you put your hook through and you pull through everything and it says to do the slip stitch three times so one two and three: okay, good.

Okay, so after that it says, skip the next three stitches, so we’re gonna skip this one, this one and this one going to this one, and what does it say to do it says to do seven double crochets in that stitch, so I’m going to Wrap my yarn around the hook skip one two three and then go into this one and then the seven double crochet, so one two, three four [ Music ], five, six and seven okay cool. So after that it says, skip the next three stitches again. So one two three and we’re going to go into that last one and it’s a slip stitch into that last stitch.

So I’m gonna uh put my hook through and like uh how you do a slip stitch. Is you just pull through everything? No okay, good and then it says so we slip stitched and then we fasten off meaning we just take our scissors snip off and just pull through. Now we have the inside of our toast so for the crust you’re going to take your darker brown color, and the pattern says that you’re going to join the dark brown color yarn with a slip stitch on the bottom right corner of the toast.

So here’s your toast and the bottom bottom right corner so you’re, just gonna put your crochet hook through that corner. Remember, to keep a good yarn position and you’re going to take your yarn, hold it to the project and you’re, going to just bring it through and you’re going to chain one for the height of the border and the. So. The pattern says once you’ve done, that to single crochet along the border, as you see in the photo um – and you will get to this – where you increase um at the red points, but for now you’re just going to crochet along this border.

So I’m going to go into here and um when you, when you are crocheting borders, you want to make sure you are going in these so for every row. There’S like that little hole you want to make sure you’re going in there. So I have my chain and I’m going to put my uh hook in the next row and I’m just going to single crochet and then I’m just going to single crochet along the border.

Oh wait! I think I might have skipped one right there, so I want to go right here and just keep crocheting so once you get to the top of your toast you’re you’re just going to go as usual through here until you reach this we’re coming up on this One so you’re going to stop right here. Okay, once you’re at this point it says to do the um three single crochets in at this point, so you’re just going to do exactly that, one two and three cool and then you were just going to keep single crocheting until you get to this point.

So yeah and yeah it might be a little difficult to crochet in here, because these are slip stitches, so they’re a bit tighter. So just do your best, maybe even go under them. That can be a bit easier and crocheting borders can be really cool um when you can get kind of fancy with them, so they can be really pretty and you can add them onto blankets or really anything. You want okay, so we’re at this next point.

So you’re just going to do the three um single crochets in this one: okay and then you’re, just gonna keep crocheting down until you reach this point. But yeah, as I was saying, you can make really uh like uh, really fancy borders and that can be really nice um on like yeah, blankets or pop coasters or tablecloths. I mean I’ve never made a tablecloth, but I’ve seen crocheted tablecloths and they’re, really pretty so yeah yeah and just make sure you’re crocheting um every uh row and not skipping rows or doing like two and one.

Because, then, that can make your border a little weird and it won’t lay flat okay. So now we’re at this um third point and we’re going to remember just do the one two and three um single crochets in that point then just crochet until the fourth and last point – and this is also like through your chaining row – so it might be a Little hard to tell where the like, where you have to put your crochet hook, just look a little close a little more closely and you’ll see where to put your crochet hook.

Okay, so we’re coming right up on the fourth and final um increasing point. So this would be the point where I do the three so one two, three okay cool. So now we have finished our crust and we just need to fasten off so um put your crochet hook through the next stitch. Do a slip stitch like we learned. Um. Take your scissors cut the yarn and then just pull through and make sure to tighten it. Okay, you just made a toast a pot coaster. So now I have two toasts and an egg and a mug to join them. So, okay, I hope I hope you enjoyed this video and see you next Tuesday.

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