Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven Review

Hi guys today, I’m reviewing the Black & Decker 4 slice, toaster oven it can bake royal toast or warm food. The unit is stainless steel with a glass door and the handle is comfortable. It’s 8.5 inches tall 15 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The cord is 21 inches, long comes with a crumb tray, a big pan, slash drip tray, and the slide rock slash. Broil rack, the top knob is the temperature selector.

The second knob is the cooking function. Selector and the third knob is the toast and timer selector. This is the power indicator, light to keep food warm turn the knob to warm to keep warm here, moving off to 10 and then back or forward a desired warning time. You can use the bake pan in the drip tray and put it under the slide rock, and you can put your food directly on the rack.

You can use metal, oven, proof, glass or ceramics without glass lids, in the other, just make sure to keep the top of the container at least one and a half inches away from the upper heating elements. When baking or cooking, the manual says to preheat the oven for at least 10 minutes at the desired temperature, I haven’t always done that and everything I’ve put in the oven still came out nice and hot too big, select the temperature first I’ll put it on 350 Turn the function knob to bake turn the timer selector to 10 and then turn it back or forward the desired.

Baking time goes from 10 to 20. All the way down to 30 on the bottom. You can select stay on if you want to cook something for longer than 30 minutes or if you want to just control the amount of time you want to put something the oven will just stay on until you turn it off when you’re toasting, you don’t have To preheat the oven set the temperature selector knob to toast set the cooking function, not to toast the indicator.

Light will come on stay on until the toasting side, something when the tow cycle is complete. You will hear a ding and the indicator light will go off. It works well for toasting and reheating food. That would turn soggy in the microwave I’ll, make toast reheat leftovers and bake frozen food to test the unit. First I’ll toes two slices of wheat bread. You can fit four slices horizontally, put your food in and turn the toast shaped lecture, not to ten and then turn back to the desired toast shade I’m using the lightest setting when your food is done, you’ll hear a ding and the indicator light will go off.

The rack is hot, so use oven, mitts to slide it out. It’s been 3 minutes, and this is what the toast looks like it’s lightly toasted and pretty. Even this is the other side and, as you can see, the bottom is more browned on the top. The lightest toast setting works best for regular bread now I’ll toast an everything bagel that was frozen. I defrosted it in the microwave for 20 seconds and cut it in half, I’m toasting the bagel using the medium setting, which is half shaded in this, is after three and a half minutes. It is brown. So if you like it, this way use the medium setting.

For me, I’ll stick with the lightest setting frozen waffles after 2 minutes 30 seconds on the lightest toast setting, there’s not much color, but it is toasted, it’s crispy and it’s done. This is a good setting for waffles corn muffins on the medium toast setting they’re toasted. Pretty evenly, these are leftover meatballs and french fries. You do not want to heat up fries in the microwave, because they’ll be soft, don’t use foil on any part of this unit, I’ll heat this up at 200 degrees after 5 minutes the fries are hot. The fries are crispy on the outside and very hot and soft inside.

If you’re heating up a large piece of fried chicken or any large food cut it in half and separate it, the inside heats up as well as the outside. The meatballs are warm outside, but not hot inside they will take a few more minutes. If I had cut them in half, they would be done at the same time as the fries 5 minutes is really quick to have crispy hot food that would otherwise taste awful from the microwave next I’ll bake, frozen fish fillets and frozen mozzarella sticks 425 degrees, bake, 20 minutes the glass is hot and the handles are cool.

The top of the unit is hot. Many of us store a loaf of bread on top of the toaster and forget about it. I’Ve done that and had melted plastic, so it is a good idea not to store anything on top of the toaster oven after 20 minutes, it’s nice and golden brown. The mozzarella sticks are bursting, so they could have been taken out. A few minutes earlier before cleaning make sure the oven is off, unplug ends, cool the glass door can be cleaned with a sponge or a soft cloth, and some soapy water don’t use a spray glass.

Cleaner, the rack can also be washed with soapy water or in the dishwasher. The baking pan can be washed in soapy water and not in the dishwasher. It’s recommended to use a polyester or nylon pad to avoid scratching the crumb tray can be pulled out, wipe it off with a damp cloth and just dry before putting it back in the oven.

The tray will get stained very quickly, especially if you don’t wash it frequently. A good scrubbing will get it clean. The black & decker, toaster oven, did a great job of quickly toasting baking, and reheating. The food was crispy and hot. It’s compact, efficient, and affordable. I hope you found this review helpful. Please subscribe and I’ll see you next time, thanks for watching

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